Always, always you all ask for gift ideas for the guys. They are the hardest to shop for and most of them always ask for nothing. But do they really want nothing? I think not. This year’s guide includes a lot of things for being outside as it seems the pandemic has made us all outdoors people (note: not necessarily “outdoorsy” ha). There is still plenty of time to order custom gifts from this guide as well and look for my kids and ladies guides coming soon.

gift guide for him 2021
  1. A big smokeless free pit that he can throw wood in all winter $399
  2. A cozy way for him to get on the Shaket trend $129
  3.  The weekend print edition of the WSJ because its time for our kids to seee us read an actual paper again $24/month
  4. A 7 can Beer Cooler for his golf bag $24
  5. Crazy warm gloves to do all the outdoor things in $129
  6. A rough and tumble bluetooth speaker that is actually loud $202
  7. A soft hoodie from a local company from his beloved Northern Michigan $60 (check out all the great goods)
  8. An infrared thermometer gun so he can get thee perfect temp on that steak $29
  9. He will feel like an actual king in this RL velour robe $90
  10. These puffer coat beer coozies slay me $13
  11. A portable campfire so he can start instant fun anytime $28
  12. This mug and warmer set can even peek up a cold cup $88
  13. A cool way to wear Uggs that come in a ton of colors $130
  14. A three in one Northface because he really needs a new winter coat $360
  15. An incredible bluetooth speaker for golf that also gives distance and attaches to the cart $149

A little something to slip into when you have a festive dinner or party always makes the night feel even better. I usually like to add a little shimmer in my make up or in an accessory, but really it is about wearing something that makes you feel like you shine. I hope that this year we can settle back into celebrating and letting loose, while feeling the love of the people around us. On my to do list is always fun cocktail parties with friends, BCC Holly Ball benefitting the kids of Barrington (tickets here), and casual get togethers with family at home. I envision lots of comfort food, great red wine, and lots of candles while making sure to feel extra present and grateful for so many blessings this year.

  1. This black velvet dress is so classic and flattering  $228
  2. This knit jumpsuit has some shine and would bee so easy to throw on with heels $228
  3. This sweet Henley poplin dress comes in many colors  $55
  4. A rich velvet dress with ease and charm $265
  5. This plaid dress can be dressed up or down so easily $248
  6. A fun sequin mini dress for dancing $160
  7. Metallic puff sleeves to pair with tights and heels $399
  8. Love this chic knit dress to style in so many ways $230
  9. A neutral sweater dress with beautiful details $108
  10. Love the drape of this red dress $168
  11. I am sucker for a great plaid for anything in December $268
  12. Red velvet puff sleeve will be a go to for years  $300
  13. A cozy sweater dress to wear with boots $33
  14. A fun print dress that has just a hint of holidays  $364
  15. This soft shift dress would look great with lug boots or sneakers$198

While gifting season arrives and people are freaking out over order deadlines and how much stuff they can order asap, I am trying to be more intentional this year. Custom gifts can be that gesture that you really took the time to pick something special, regardless of the price tag. And if you are one of those people that want to cross off the giving list early, these ideas can cover a lot of people and arrive in plenty of time. As stressful as the holidays can be, the joy of a well thought out gift being opened by a loved one is really the best.

custom Christmas gifts
  1. Cutest Gingham Monogram Tote for all the things $99
  2. Monogram Bourbon & Cigar Glass for nights by the fire $25
  3. A pretty Monogramed Cake Stand to display your baked goods $60
  4. A Custom Shot Ski for your ugly sweater party host $30
  5. A fun Smily Face Initial Blanket $78
  6. A Custom Basketball for your sporty nephew $35
  7. A beautiful Monogramed Tote (comes in many colors) that she will cherish $398
  8. A classic Signet Ring engraved with her initials $220
  9. The softest Monogramed Pajamas $85
  10. A sweet Handpainted Mug you can have any name on
  11. A cozy Initial Pom Pom Hat for the long winter $39
  12. This Framed Photo Ornament is such a hit with grandparents $25
  13. What tween wouldn’t want this Custom Fanny Pack? $70
  14. A sweet way to wear your family Initials. Coin Necklace $38
  15. Custom Golf Balls & Tees because you know nee will use them $89
  16. This Initial Phone Case is fun for any age $72

What do you like to do on Mother’s Day? I remember my mom selflessly giving up her entire weekend for my dance recitals most years, plus fancy brunches that were probably really hard to get us all dressed for, and lots of handmade cards. It is funny because even on the day that we are to celebrate Mom, it is usually a day that she still has to Mom pretty darn hard. So my wish each years to not do any momming. No cooking, no dishes, no deciding what anyone is eating, when they are eating, discipline of any variety, just a straight up turn off switch. THAT is a luxury that you really cannot deny. A nice gift also does not hurt. Large or small it is nice to be recognized and appreciated. So here are a few ideas you can send to the hubs, or even better just buy for yourself superMom.

While I have cherished my time with my sweatsuit sets enormously this last year, I am so ready to start really dressing again. And the outfits definitely need to have an ease to them as going from sweatsuits to real pants and tight dresses feels like too much. I think we are going to see a lot of elevated loungewear, more dressed up sneaker options, and lots of easy layers this coming season. Here are twelve outfits I pulled from Shopbop that I want to wear in the coming months and for getaways.

After writing my Best Buys of 2020 post, I of course started to think of what is on my current wish list. This year I really want to try for quality over quantity. I also have a deal with myself right now that until I clean out my closet and kitchen, no new things! Sometimes you have to be reminded of what you have before you start thinking about the things you need next. But to motivate me, I have these things awaiting me in all my carts.

  1. There was way more cozy couch time in 2020 and I think I am going to leet that ride into 2021 with this weighted blanket $100
  2. I have a lot of different shearling boots, but Uggs are really the reigning champion of coziness. This pink pair is also just plain fun $170
  3. My current dinner routines could use an update and little more health, so this cookbook that I see everyone referencing on insta looks like the perfect fit $28
  4. A happy, soft sweater can really be the winter closet work horse that you reach for over and over. This stripe one is so cute $295
  5. My stemless wine glasses need an upgrade and nothing is more beautifully classic than a set of these La Rochere Tumblers $54 for 6
  6. I am late to the instant pot game and this one is also the device of the moment, an air fryer $179
  7. What to wear on house showings can be boring and this dress is at the top of my work wear wish list $228
  8. Pretty handpainted dinner plates seems necessary to switch up the 1000 meals I plated on white plates in the last year $38
  9. I have been eyeing this BeautyBio set for awhile. I love the idea of getting my products to help my skin even more. $329
  10. Slip on cozy shoes are all we need and these are cute enough to wear anytime, plus make me smile $295
  11. A stack of fun custom bangles seems like a bright spot for 2021 $62