Summer celebrating in red, white, and is not just a one day affair. If your summer looks like ours it has many of chances to sport some patriotic pride. I rounded up a few options for the kids and will post some for you as well soon. I decided this year I would not be scrambling for fall gear the week before!

  1. Tommy has worn this polo before and it is an easy staple $19
  2. Matching flag pajamas is the cutest $15
  3. Gingham short sleeves on boys is my favorite $13
  4. How cute is this little baby romper? A little kitsch but necessary $6
  5. A breezy bandana tiered dress she can play in all day $40
  6. Chambray star romper I want in my size $20
  7. A tankini that is not too precious for a serious slip and slide sesh $21
  8. This little striped baby romper would be cute on a boy or girl $24
  9. Strawberries are a sweet print always $38
  10. Flutter sleeves and rick rack make this dress extra special $69
  11. Vineyard vines boys trunks are sweet and comfy $60
  12. Every girl loves a pull on skort right now $40
  13. Flag swim trunks never fail! $13

A few of my favorite picks for the Shopbop Sale. Click the image for details.

Use code STYLE at checkout!

I got SO many messages answering my Instagram question of your favorite beauty finds here. “Can’t live without” and “changed my skin” were some of the comments and that seriously warms my heart. Skin care and beauty is a weird industry with lots of products with more marketing than actual results. And as someone who invests in products, I take a lot of pride sharing ones here that are worth the buy and live up to their hype.

Best Beauty Products
  1. This sunscreen was recommended to me by my amazing dermatologist, so you know it is the real deal. It swipes on lightly, but packs incredible protection. Even on the sweatiest day or multiple dips in the pool.
  2. Here is the thing about make up, I just do not find the joy I once did in it. So when Glossier, the brand trying the hardest to give you the “no make up look,” came around I was intrigued. Their make up is easy and minimal, plus the price points are low, so you do not feel married to something you might not want to use all the time. The make up kit and the skin kit are high on your list too.
  3. Did I maybe turn some of you into bath people too? Think I did! ha this amazon set buy lasts a long time and smells like heaven. You get the benefits of the salt with the joy of the bubbles.
  4. By far and away, this serum is what I hear from all you about. Questions, glowing reviews, and the best part, victory laps that it improved your skin. It is pricey, but there is a reason it is on EVERY best of list. If you want to really go for it, I love the essence as well.
  5. The freaking Dyson I swore would never be worth it. Well it was actually all of you that convinced me it was! The quick drying of my thick hair is the cherry on top of the fact it smoothes so well.
  6. Clean beauty has definitely been on all our minds the last few years and Goop really helped navigate it well. This All in One Cream is moisturizing, packs an anti-aging punch, and is the one I reach for when I want an easy one step morning.
  7. The Dior Nail Glow was formulated to be the “lip gloss of nails.” I read about it on another blog YEARS and YEARS ago, then posted after I loved it. It has been on your top list for awhile and after everyone was doing their own nails for a bit there I can understand why.
  8. Fashion mag junkies will know that Gucci Westman has been doing the faces of super models for all the big designers for years. Her make up line is not only gorgeous, it is also clean. A foundation stick that glides on smooth when you need extra coverage, it is all the editors fave now.
  9. Oh Baby Foot. The comments about this product over the years has been hilarious. First off, it is gross. But more importantly, it is HIGHLY effective. No pedicure on this earth will get rid of calluses the way this will. it is a two week commitment, but well worth it.

It has been really fun to go back and look at years of old posts and data to see what items you all really loved most. Really this is something I should be doing more often as any real “blogger” would tell you, but for authenticity purposes I just do not. When compiling this I also went back at DMs to see what got the most feedback and the best are the messages from readers that are still wearing a piece they love I posted years ago. That seriously warms me up. After I asked on Insta what you all loved and combing through, this is the Best Of Imperfect Polish list according to you! There are other items that are sadly sold out, but all these have apparently become staples in not only my closet but yours. Man I love you all. Keep following along, I will be sharing beauty and food Best Ofs as well!

Best of Fashion
  1. Apparently you all love a smocked dress as much as I do. There was a J. Crew you all loved, this one is similar (and on sale). And this Banjanan is a staple of mine too.
  2. The asymmetrical initial necklace is one I get asked for the link for ALL THE TIME. It is a blog classic here for sure.
  3. The navy Alex Mills sweater I posted last year was so hot it sold out, but this one is similar. Her cotton designs are simply the best.
  4. The amazon sweat suit that crushed all others. So soft and ridiculously priced.
  5. The black pleated faux leather skirt you all loved is sold out, but this white version is still available. And this Spanx version looks cute too.
  6. Mom jeans for life and I guess you all agree. These come in a darker wash now too. Make sure to size up.
  7. Le Specs are the glasses every Mom needs since ours seem to break or get lost on the reg. This mirrored version is your favorite.
  8. These soft and cozy, but not too hot pajamas are always selling out and for good reason.
  9. I know I have posted these a million times, but these real shearling slippers (while being knocked off to death) are truly the best.
  10. A roomy tunic sweater you can wear with leggings, jeans, or even throw over a suit for a breezy beach day.
  11. I got many messages about these leggings being a favorite. I wear these a lot and they look great with sneakers and heels.
  12. This new-ish item was a big hit. A waterproof beach bag that comes in many colors and custom monogram.
  13. GAP always and forever. I am wearing these while writing this.
  14. You all like a bougie pool slide like me. These Guccis got a lot of play last year and they are still cute. They come in black and white too.