I was seriously on the fence on doing any gift guides this year. I know you are all inundated with so many ads and guides and it can be so noisy. Also, gifting feels different this year to me. Do you think so too? If I had to guess everyone will be more focused on the littles joys of cookie baking and tree trimming and snuggle holiday movie time than lots of gifts. It just feels more like another lesson coming from this year that it is the moments that matter, not the things.

But I did hear from some of you that you still love a few ideas, especially for teachers, helpers, and loved ones you may not be seeing this year. So here is a little list of gifts that support small shops and retailers, which I am really trying to look to first before going to a large retailer.

And if there are any lists you would like to see, please tell me and I will put it together because I love ya! Here are all the gift guides from years past if you need it.

small business gift guide under $50
  1. These custom tree toppers are the most fun and come in different finishes $50
  2. I LOVE these super soft organic pajamas. Especially this little heart print that gives back to Baby2Baby. $52
  3. All of the best Glossier make up for $40! You get to pick all the colors too. I wear the cloud paint every day, my favorite.
  4. How cool is this custom one line portrait drawing? You can print it on anything and make their day. She does Pets too! $19
  5. A custom initial necklace with endless options is always a winner $23-$55
  6. How cute is this custom craft rainbow? $26
  7. Who wouldn’t adore a leopard 2021 Planner? This company makes so many pretty prints $23
  8. This luxurious and insanely good smelling lotion and body wash is the perfect set. $50 total for both
  9. File under the cutest gift that is the most functional. These sweet food storage covers are such a cute little gift for your foodie friend. $19
  10. Love these custom Lego Trays for easy moving around $38
  11. These ankle weights are on my list and this site gives back with every purchase of any item! Buying these provide a care package for a pediatric chemo patient. $40 Make sure to check out the entire site.
  12.  I am so into a signet ring and this one is perfect $50



Are you getting excited for the holidays? I have been saving recipes and slowly starting to decorate and it is funny how it can spark such joy. I have some grand plans on cutting my own garland this year and being creative with the decor I have, but let’s see how far I get with that! In the meantime, this is what I am loving right now…

  1. Playing with the patches on the Stony Clover Lane site is half the fun. I think this could be a good design for much needed new tennis bag.
  2. How great are these sneakers boots? They also come in white and olive $245
  3. I just loved this book so much. Such a great, beautiful escape.
  4. I always have this truffle salt stocked and use it even more this time of year. Sprinkle it on popcorn, eggs, buttered pasta, mashed potatoes, and it makes it extra special. $20
  5. I cannot wait to see Mary in this sweet gingham dress for thee holidays $44
  6. Instagram ads finally got me with this Summersalt cashmere set. excited to curl up in all winter. $125-$95
  7. I’m pretty dedicated to La Croix, but this Strawberry Cucumber Aha is so delicious and refreshing.
  8. This family card game is a hit right now and makes a great gift. $20
  9. This Half Baked Harvest Chicken Gyro dinner was such a family hit and SO good.
  10. Was trying to switch up our usual holiday PJ routine, but I am loving a classic tartan I think best. On sale! $29
  11. Matt and I just finished the first season of Fargo and it is really good!
  12.  ordered this with my last reorder since it gets raves. Cannot wait to try it! $42



Even though there is not a lot of fun things to dress up for these days, we will always still need a warm coat to get us through the long ass winter. And since there is not a LOT to get excited about we can at least stay warm in something that is fun and interesting. You know the coat, the ones that get all the compliments when you throw it over your sweats to run out to grab take out. An interesting color, an unexpected fabric, or a gorgeous detail can take any old coat and make it something you are dying to put on. Even if it is below zero. Here is a round up of some great coats all under $300 (most way less!) that will keep you cozy and make you smile all winter long.

coats on a budget
  1. I own this coat and WORSHIP it, plus it is on sale! $227 / 2. A long soft sherpa $179  / 3. A super fun leopard puffer $148 / 4. Obsessed with the color block of this parka $228 / 5. A soft pretty blue top coat $268 / 6. A white teddy coat / 7. Love this faux leather puffer! $129 Also comes in black / 8. A gorgeous faux fur wrap coat $80 (comes in other colors) / 9. The softest hooded faux fur in white $275 / 10. This reversible faux shearling is so cute $150  / 11. A fun fringe top coat $189 / 12. A blue faux fur coat $128 (comes in other colors)



Are you a Gywneth fan? Though I have certainly rolled my eyes over the years at some of her comments, her charm cannot be denied. I actually had a real life encounter with Mrs. Goop years ago in London. Her and Chris Martin were dining a table over from me and I tried to play it so cool (failed). She was gorgeous and glowing and I fell in love with her because she ordered pasta and drank her red wine with abandon. My dreams of talking to her died when I saw her speed off in her Prius, but in my head we we’re going to become best friends during a well timed bathroom break.

In my mind we sort of are friends. She is the gal I look to for great advice, wellness secrets, and clean beauty options that actually work. I have fallen for the whole Goop’d up world she is creating, should I be proud or worried? ha

The girl knows how to market as well. Since quarantine started a billion months ago, #selfcare was one of the most trending topics. And with good reason as we had more time to reflect on how we take care of ourselves and the products we use. I figure a few swap outs to cleaner items cannot hurt and luckily I tried some things that are incredibly effective.

best and worst products goop
  1. I am on my third round of the Vintner’s Daughter Essence & Serum. It is pricey, but worth every penny. My skin drinks it up in the morning and brings  a glow no other cream has given me.
  2. I just ordered a second jar of this Body Butter. My only complaint is that it is pricey for the amount and I went through it fast. I love that it helps with skin tightening and absorbs so well.
  3. I truly love a bath now (can’t believe I am saying that!) and this soak is legit. I use it every once in awhile when I really need to relax.
  4. A splurge you will not regret is a silky, long Natalie Martin maxi dress. I live in mine and love how luxurious it feels even when I am just puttering around the house.
  5. This Nécessaire body wash sells out all the time. And while I liked it, it did not wow me enough to order again.
  6. I ordered these pans for the “green” factor and the sweet color. They have been put to very good use and I want to up the ante and get these next.
  7. This is by far the best sweatshirt I have bought in awhile, but it is sold out. This or this is a great alternative. Saving my money for the sweater version.
  8. I have never taken vitamins in my life, but the description for these got me and felt like the timing was right. I plan on ordering again but can’t say I see any significant changes a few weeks in. I also like that it comes in a little packet as I would never take these many pills from different jars. So lazy!
  9. GP swears by this instant facial and while I liked it, I did not reorder. I use a different exfoliant every day so it was kind of over kill. But I would try if you are looking for one.
  10. These zit stickers are SO good for those painful underground chin zits. You have to use it right when you start to feel one coming, but I swear it helps.
  11. I still do not understand the body brush. Plus it kind of hurts!
  12. This body lotion was a bust. Not moisturizing for me and I did not love the smell.
  13. I wear an eye mask every night, but this slip one is the nicest I have used by far. I would give this a reorder, it is just a little bot more snug than I am used to.
  14. I LOVE this sweet lip pot. The color is perfection and it is ultra moisturizing.



This Fall has already been bananas beautiful here. And though I swore I was going to hold off on buying anything new until I clean my closet, a Shopbop sale always gets me. I love them to stock up on favorites like undies and pajamas, but the Fall sale is the best for coats and knits. I rounded up all my picks (Use Code Fall20 at checkout) and am so happy to do so on my new site!! Make sure to add me to your favorites page and welcome to a whole new Imperfect Polish! xo

Shopbop Sale picks
  1. A super soft fleece / 2. Faux Leather Cropped Pants / 3. Shearling lined sneakers / 4. The best puff sleeve sweatshirt / 5. A silky PJ set  / 6. Coolest red sunglasses / 7. Sweet heart earrings  / 8. A perfect puffer (also comes in black) / 9. A knit LBD / 10. My favorite high waisted jeans / 11. A plaid dress for anything dressy / 12. Ribbed leopard leggings for workouts / 13. A cute sweater dress / 14. Pink retro sneakers / 15. The softest faux fur jacket / 16. Love this leopard dress / 17. A fine knit cardigan coat / 18. The perfect oversized sweater (also in black) / 19. Clogs to slip on all Fall

This easily became my family’s favorite meal during quarantine. Meatballs is always a go to dish that we serve with pasta, crusty bread, or spaghetti squash and a crunchy salad. I like how you can also prep the meatballs in advance and then cook off at dinner time.

Serves 4-6

1/2 cup of any breadcrumbs
2 eggs
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 teaspoon of dried oregano/Italian herbs
2 teaspoons of salt
1 teaspoon of pepper
1 Tablespoon tomato paste
1/4 cup of milk
2 pounds ground chicken or turkey
13-15 small slices/chunks of mozzarella (I used fresh)
1 jar of favorite tomato sauce
Parmesan & red pepper flakes for serving

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Combine all the ingredients up until the meat in a large bowl. Use a fork to mix well. ▫️
Add in the meat and gently combine everything well with the fork. ▫️

Grease a deep baking sheet, casserole dish, or large oven proof skillet. Using a greased ice cream scoop or your hands, make about 12-15 meatballs and place on the pan with some room in between.

Bake for 30 minutes. Take the pan out and add the tomato sauce on top and all over the meatballs. Then place a piece of mozzarella on each meatball. ▫️

Bake an additional 10 minutes. Serve warm with parmesan and chili flakes on top. ▫️