Is anyone else in that stage right now of saying “Next week everything will calm down and I can get through my to-do list”? I have not had the pleasure of writing here as much as I used to and so I thought I would at least sneak in a little post on some signs I have my eye on and a few things I   am really loving right now.current favorite items in fashion, food, home, and beauty

  1. These lace up boots are a budget friendly version of the Marant ones I have always liked.
  2. I have been sourcing so many items for clients and this rug is one of my favorites. Thinking about it for my entry. Great price for the size.
  3. How fun would this dress be for Thanksgiving?
  4. Between the dog and paddle, I spend a lot more time outside. This parka would be a cheery layering piece for frigid days ahead. Comes in a bunch of color ways.
  5. This Amazon dress would get a lot of play with sneakers or booties this Fall.
  6. I have been slathering on this sheer, plumping, lip gloss a lot. Great texture and just a hint of color.
  7. We do a lot of dairy free in our house and this Green Curry soup is SO good and feels creamy without the cream.
  8. I have not regretted getting these cozy slides at all. Love them
  9. With soup season in full effect, I have this genius invention in my cart. It helps you portion out soup to freeze so you can just pop out a bowl when you want to.

There are so many items that I have bought over the years and been disappointed by. Products that do not live up to the hype, an outfit that never quite worked, or shoes that were for occasions that never happened. But the items that I order again and again are the ones that never let me down. I click that reorder button with no hesitation and replace immediately upon too much wear. This list are those hero items that I have bought at least five or six times with no disappointment. And in these times of e commerce and filtered photos, I only want the real deal coming to my doorstep.

repeat purchases

These Reformation Jeans are the perfect high waist and cropped cut in a flattering non stretch denim / I know these Emu Slippers have been knocked off (tried those!) but the OG are the coziest & softest / I do not leave the house without Elta Tinted Sunscreen on. It has just enough tint and soothes my skin / The holy grail of skin care is Biologique Recherche P50. It exfoliates, brightens, and tightens / This Splendid Pajama Set is just light enough to not be too warm to sleep in, but heavy enough to hang in as well / My other North Star of skin care is Vintner’s Daughter serum, which is my daily moisturizer. It is packed with all your skin needs to be brighter, smoother, and clearer / I am not a big vitamin person, but Goop High School Genes Vitamin Packs have been a nightly ritual and I can tell my body is a fan / One size up Gap Vintage Soft Sweatpants are the winner of the 2021 sweatpants wars that have been raging in my closet / Stripe & Stare makes the softest most comfortable underwear / The smell of this Necessaire Body Wash keeps my orders coming / I have this Koral tank in almost every color. It is so flattering and the perfect length to wear over leggings or tucked into a tennis skirt / I have tried MANY a bikini set, and if you do not want your cheeks hanging out, but also do not want to look like a grandma the J. Crew Surf Hipster Bikini is your answer / These Chimi Sunglasses are huge, so not for every face shape. But with a price point that only hurts a little and black out lenses to keep your eye rolls private you cannot miss / 2020 made me a bath person and while I love a fancy soak, this Dr. Teal’s Bath Soak & Bubbles set form Amazon is always stocked in my bathroom/ Glossier Lash Slick is the only mascara that gives you the most natural lash look for every day (cloud paint is another staple) /  Colorscience Mineral tinted sunscreen is a miracle product. It gives the best protection, is so easy to brush on, and is insanely water/sweat proof. I always have one in my bag / If you slather on Avene Lip Lotion at night, be prepared to wake to with the most soft lips even in the driest of months.

After writing my Best Buys of 2020 post, I of course started to think of what is on my current wish list. This year I really want to try for quality over quantity. I also have a deal with myself right now that until I clean out my closet and kitchen, no new things! Sometimes you have to be reminded of what you have before you start thinking about the things you need next. But to motivate me, I have these things awaiting me in all my carts.

  1. There was way more cozy couch time in 2020 and I think I am going to leet that ride into 2021 with this weighted blanket $100
  2. I have a lot of different shearling boots, but Uggs are really the reigning champion of coziness. This pink pair is also just plain fun $170
  3. My current dinner routines could use an update and little more health, so this cookbook that I see everyone referencing on insta looks like the perfect fit $28
  4. A happy, soft sweater can really be the winter closet work horse that you reach for over and over. This stripe one is so cute $295
  5. My stemless wine glasses need an upgrade and nothing is more beautifully classic than a set of these La Rochere Tumblers $54 for 6
  6. I am late to the instant pot game and this one is also the device of the moment, an air fryer $179
  7. What to wear on house showings can be boring and this dress is at the top of my work wear wish list $228
  8. Pretty handpainted dinner plates seems necessary to switch up the 1000 meals I plated on white plates in the last year $38
  9. I have been eyeing this BeautyBio set for awhile. I love the idea of getting my products to help my skin even more. $329
  10. Slip on cozy shoes are all we need and these are cute enough to wear anytime, plus make me smile $295
  11. A stack of fun custom bangles seems like a bright spot for 2021 $62



Assessing what I bought and what I actually used is actually a really good way to understand how better to spend money each year. Keep in mind that in this space we are talking about the non-essentials, so any fun things we can buy are always a blessing. There were certainly many buys that I wish I could take back since they did not have longevity or I did not use/wear how I thought I would (hello cocktail dresses), but there were a few things that I would consider my best buys. This is always helpful since I can try to avoid spending Amy more money on those things I could have done without!

  1. I tried ALL the sweatsuits, and I mean ALL. The Aritizia Cozy AF Boyfriend sweat pant and crewneck sweatshirt is the BEST. Soft, thick, and a great price tag.
  2. I am 4 months into my GOOP vitamin regime and though I cannot say I notice some giant difference, I do notice when I am NOT taking them. The packs make it very convenient to take a bunch of vitamins I know are doing my body good.
  3. Adding in the Vintners Daughter Essence to my morning routine has made a huge change in my skin. This is an investment that I do not mind making because it paired with the Serum is magic. I notice clearer, toned, and more moisturized skin.
  4. This puff sleeve cotton sweater was worn 100 times. I wore it with sweat pants, with leggings, with jeans, and skirts. It tucks in nicely, but also falls to a flattering hip length. It is soft, does not pill, and does not cost a fortune.
  5. I know I have become house dress obsessed, but honestly I reached for this dress SO many times. I for sure want a couple more in different lengths because even though it is expensive, I wear it all the time. There is something SO luxurious about slipping on a silky caftan at the end of the day.
  6. These rope baskets were an Amazon find that I never knew I needed until I had them. I use them as catch alls in the house, for gift giving, for floral arrangements, and toy bins. I love them so much and keep ordering more!
  7. I gifted myself this rattan side table and I just worship it. It makes me smile every day and is just a happy little table. Contact me for ordering
  8. I have been on the hunt for a cute pair of undies that are not grandma-esque, have coverage, are invisible under clothing, and wash well. Basically the holy grail. Once I found this pack I have been ordering on repeat.
  9. A friend found these body sleeping bags and I live in mine. With so many things outside these days and my kids wanting me to “watch them play” in the cold, it is essential.
  10. Never did I ever think I would be into a luxury hair product, but this scalp scrub shampoo is worth every penny. It gets my hair super clean and lathers like a dream, plus this one jar lasts forever.
  11. So while I am not giving up two pieces, I can appreciate a one piece much more these days. This simple black suit is AMAZING. It has a slight low cut and has an open back to show off just enough skin, while also not being high cut on the leg or letting your buns hang out (why does every suit do this now?!). Plus, the material is doubled for a great smooth, sucked in feeling.
  12. My favorite audio book of the year was Daisy Jones and Six. So much so I want to listen to it again. And my favorite hard back book of the year was The Dutch House. I ate it up in a few sittings (when timed allowed!) and got lost in the story and quite frankly the idea of this grand house.



I had posted a few of the recipes I have planned for this week on my Instagram and it sounds like you all could use some ideas too. With my favorite cooking partner, my mom, finally here to visit we have a lot of catch up cooking to do. I love a cozy week with lots of new recipes with a sprinkling of the traditions we hold dear. Here are the recipes we have on the agenda:


Salami & Provolone Phyllo Dough Rolls: Give me all the melty cheese in dough

Cacio e Pepe Puffs: My Mom said you can make in advance and freeze!

Roasted Shrimp Cocktail: We bought the Trader Joe’s Sweet Chili sauce to dip to switch it up


Skillet Roasted Chicken: My mom swears this is a crowd pleaser. This Half Baked Harvest one I made last week is also such a one pan winner.

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Green Peppercorn Sauce: having a hard time find the peppercorns, so might just make it without!

Truffle Mash Potatoes: Truffle butter makes everything extra special

Traditional Meatballs with Arrabiata Sauce: A casual comfy meal on Christmas Day is my favorite since I will still be in pajamas

Ultimate Garlic Bread: Because that spicy sauce is going to need something to dip in it. Love the addition of lemon zest.

Mini Wedge Salad Platter: An elegant way to serve something with ranch all over it


Trader Joe’s Chocolate Croissants: Stock up and make them all break, they are the best. You can find in the frozen food section and the plain mini ones are also perfection.

Sour Cream Waffles: These are sacred in our family. Dreamy is an understatement and perfect with bacon and coffee

Dutch Baby with Apples & Cinnamon: I have never made one and excited to! Or at least watch my mom do it ha (recipe from Modern Comfort Food, not available online)


Christmas Tree Cake: We always make a birthday cake for Jesus for Christmas Eve and this one looks so cute! (image above)

Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies: I just love a soft sugar cookie. Lucky for me, my mom is a great baker and I am a good taste tester.


Would love to hear any recipes you are excited to try too. As far as I am concerned we will keep this up until break is over so I need more ideas!



It seems that everyone is wanting to think outside the box this year on gifting, which I love. And with so many small businesses trying to make the season extra brighter the options have gotten more exciting. I wanted to put a little list together that would have gifts for anyone on your list that you may not have seen yet. Hopefully this helps with the rest of that list you have going.

  1. A custom travel tote with packing blocks she can look forward to packing $175
  2. Faux Shearling clogs is the only shoe/slipper they need $29
  3. The crazy at home facial the internet raves about $29 or get the whole set
  4. Dinner for 6 from Momofuku to your door $169
  5. Super fun Blue Light Blocking Glasses that also give back $42
  6. A Gray Malin Amalfi coast puzzle to remind them of their travels $25
  7. The Tesla of razors $19
  8. Who doesn’t need a sherpa fur onesie?! $41
  9. A rad all blacked out watch $135
  10. A Masterclass subscription to learn chess, tennis skills, cooking with masters, and business classes with the best of the best.
  11. Father & Son Boomba sock sets for their stockings $64
  12. Keith Herring Domino sees for the gamers $40
  13. For the outdoorsy dude, a flask that is also a flashlight $95
  14. A custom whiskey barrel to elevate the bar $85
  15. A custom family tree would be just the sweetest $65
  16. A weekly news magazine for little inquiring minds $49 for 25 Issues



I was seriously on the fence on doing any gift guides this year. I know you are all inundated with so many ads and guides and it can be so noisy. Also, gifting feels different this year to me. Do you think so too? If I had to guess everyone will be more focused on the littles joys of cookie baking and tree trimming and snuggle holiday movie time than lots of gifts. It just feels more like another lesson coming from this year that it is the moments that matter, not the things.

But I did hear from some of you that you still love a few ideas, especially for teachers, helpers, and loved ones you may not be seeing this year. So here is a little list of gifts that support small shops and retailers, which I am really trying to look to first before going to a large retailer.

And if there are any lists you would like to see, please tell me and I will put it together because I love ya! Here are all the gift guides from years past if you need it.

small business gift guide under $50
  1. These custom tree toppers are the most fun and come in different finishes $50
  2. I LOVE these super soft organic pajamas. Especially this little heart print that gives back to Baby2Baby. $52
  3. All of the best Glossier make up for $40! You get to pick all the colors too. I wear the cloud paint every day, my favorite.
  4. How cool is this custom one line portrait drawing? You can print it on anything and make their day. She does Pets too! $19
  5. A custom initial necklace with endless options is always a winner $23-$55
  6. How cute is this custom craft rainbow? $26
  7. Who wouldn’t adore a leopard 2021 Planner? This company makes so many pretty prints $23
  8. This luxurious and insanely good smelling lotion and body wash is the perfect set. $50 total for both
  9. File under the cutest gift that is the most functional. These sweet food storage covers are such a cute little gift for your foodie friend. $19
  10. Love these custom Lego Trays for easy moving around $38
  11. These ankle weights are on my list and this site gives back with every purchase of any item! Buying these provide a care package for a pediatric chemo patient. $40 Make sure to check out the entire site.
  12.  I am so into a signet ring and this one is perfect $50