This Fall has already been bananas beautiful here. And though I swore I was going to hold off on buying anything new until I clean my closet, a Shopbop sale always gets me. I love them to stock up on favorites like undies and pajamas, but the Fall sale is the best for coats and knits. I rounded up all my picks (Use Code Fall20 at checkout) and am so happy to do so on my new site!! Make sure to add me to your favorites page and welcome to a whole new Imperfect Polish! xo

Shopbop Sale picks
  1. A super soft fleece / 2. Faux Leather Cropped Pants / 3. Shearling lined sneakers / 4. The best puff sleeve sweatshirt / 5. A silky PJ set  / 6. Coolest red sunglasses / 7. Sweet heart earrings  / 8. A perfect puffer (also comes in black) / 9. A knit LBD / 10. My favorite high waisted jeans / 11. A plaid dress for anything dressy / 12. Ribbed leopard leggings for workouts / 13. A cute sweater dress / 14. Pink retro sneakers / 15. The softest faux fur jacket / 16. Love this leopard dress / 17. A fine knit cardigan coat / 18. The perfect oversized sweater (also in black) / 19. Clogs to slip on all Fall

There is no doubt that whatever “Back to School” looks like in your house, it is not the normal routine. I feel such deep empathy for all the Moms out there trying their best to make their new realties function. Hard decisions are being made, jobs are being left behind, mothering has turned into a lot different scene all day, and frustration doesn’t even begin to cover it.

What I do know is that Moms are what makes this world go round and they have the best ideas on how to make that world a bit more organized, a bit more sane, and a bit more safe. So besides the obvious choice for back to school supplies, a case of your favorite wine, I wanted to round up ideas I have gathered from some very smart ladies and what might help you!

1. A rolling cart for all the supplies that can be hidden away when not needed. / 2. The perfect bin  or all their supplies and papers / 3. My kids have loved these masks / 4. Chic stick up white board weekly schedules / 5. A pinboard for their desk to make it their own / 6. Wireless headphones that have a built in mic / 7. A retro way to keep the kids focused  fidget with while on zooms / 8. A nice deep bucket  hat is easy to take from room to room with supplies / 9. Mask lanyards to keep them around their neck / 10. A bouncey chair  o keep them occupied during zooms / 11. An iPad stand that adjusts / 12. Tie dye masks that comes individually wrapped / 13. A double sided, easy to use anywhere, white board / 14. Blue light blocking glasses that come in lots of colors / 15. I LOVED a daily planner! / 16. A fun color coded way to organize all those papers / 17. A desk mat that comes in many colors