Best Buys of 2020

Best Buys of 2020

Assessing what I bought and what I actually used is actually a really good way to understand how better to spend money each year. Keep in mind that in this space we are talking about the non-essentials, so any fun things we can buy are always a blessing. There were certainly many buys that I wish I could take back since they did not have longevity or I did not use/wear how I thought I would (hello cocktail dresses), but there were a few things that I would consider my best buys. This is always helpful since I can try to avoid spending Amy more money on those things I could have done without!

  1. I tried ALL the sweatsuits, and I mean ALL. The Aritizia Cozy AF Boyfriend sweat pant and crewneck sweatshirt is the BEST. Soft, thick, and a great price tag.
  2. I am 4 months into my GOOP vitamin regime and though I cannot say I notice some giant difference, I do notice when I am NOT taking them. The packs make it very convenient to take a bunch of vitamins I know are doing my body good.
  3. Adding in the Vintners Daughter Essence to my morning routine has made a huge change in my skin. This is an investment that I do not mind making because it paired with the Serum is magic. I notice clearer, toned, and more moisturized skin.
  4. This puff sleeve cotton sweater was worn 100 times. I wore it with sweat pants, with leggings, with jeans, and skirts. It tucks in nicely, but also falls to a flattering hip length. It is soft, does not pill, and does not cost a fortune.
  5. I know I have become house dress obsessed, but honestly I reached for this dress SO many times. I for sure want a couple more in different lengths because even though it is expensive, I wear it all the time. There is something SO luxurious about slipping on a silky caftan at the end of the day.
  6. These rope baskets were an Amazon find that I never knew I needed until I had them. I use them as catch alls in the house, for gift giving, for floral arrangements, and toy bins. I love them so much and keep ordering more!
  7. I gifted myself this rattan side table and I just worship it. It makes me smile every day and is just a happy little table. Contact me for ordering
  8. I have been on the hunt for a cute pair of undies that are not grandma-esque, have coverage, are invisible under clothing, and wash well. Basically the holy grail. Once I found this pack I have been ordering on repeat.
  9. A friend found these body sleeping bags and I live in mine. With so many things outside these days and my kids wanting me to “watch them play” in the cold, it is essential.
  10. Never did I ever think I would be into a luxury hair product, but this scalp scrub shampoo is worth every penny. It gets my hair super clean and lathers like a dream, plus this one jar lasts forever.
  11. So while I am not giving up two pieces, I can appreciate a one piece much more these days. This simple black suit is AMAZING. It has a slight low cut and has an open back to show off just enough skin, while also not being high cut on the leg or letting your buns hang out (why does every suit do this now?!). Plus, the material is doubled for a great smooth, sucked in feeling.
  12. My favorite audio book of the year was Daisy Jones and Six. So much so I want to listen to it again. And my favorite hard back book of the year was The Dutch House. I ate it up in a few sittings (when timed allowed!) and got lost in the story and quite frankly the idea of this grand house.



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