Current Favorites

Current Favorites

Are you getting excited for the holidays? I have been saving recipes and slowly starting to decorate and it is funny how it can spark such joy. I have some grand plans on cutting my own garland this year and being creative with the decor I have, but let’s see how far I get with that! In the meantime, this is what I am loving right now…

  1. Playing with the patches on the Stony Clover Lane site is half the fun. I think this could be a good design for much needed new tennis bag.
  2. How great are these sneakers boots? They also come in white and olive $245
  3. I just loved this book so much. Such a great, beautiful escape.
  4. I always have this truffle salt stocked and use it even more this time of year. Sprinkle it on popcorn, eggs, buttered pasta, mashed potatoes, and it makes it extra special. $20
  5. I cannot wait to see Mary in this sweet gingham dress for thee holidays $44
  6. Instagram ads finally got me with this Summersalt cashmere set. excited to curl up in all winter. $125-$95
  7. I’m pretty dedicated to La Croix, but this Strawberry Cucumber Aha is so delicious and refreshing.
  8. This family card game is a hit right now and makes a great gift. $20
  9. This Half Baked Harvest Chicken Gyro dinner was such a family hit and SO good.
  10. Was trying to switch up our usual holiday PJ routine, but I am loving a classic tartan I think best. On sale! $29
  11. Matt and I just finished the first season of Fargo and it is really good!
  12.  ordered this with my last reorder since it gets raves. Cannot wait to try it! $42



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